Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tore Stavlund-Gitararbeider, mars 2011

Gitararbeider, mars 2011 is the first of in a series of cdrs representing the solo guitar work of Tore Stavlund (LAND, IDIOM). The material included on Gitararbeider, mars 2011 is based on two sessions in mars 2011 recorded in the IDIOM studio onto a zoom recorder. The sound is ambient and hauntological yet material in its matter of factly aesthetic.

The tracks are slightly inspired by the Solaris st by Edvard Artemiev and the ambient dronescapes of Thomas Köner. «Uten tittel (Duo)» and «Uten tittel (Duo#2)» includes the percussion works of HC Almendingen (IDIOM, Plantrain, Dodeskaden).

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