Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marc Broude-Medicine

"Overall, it is very hard for me to describe just how I feel about Marc Broude’s “Medicine”. Though I do listen to a lot of experimental music, this album has taken me to a new dimension that I just can’t fully comprehend. The dark and disturbing atmospheres are magnificent, and every element on this album works to create a very gloomy and depressing mood, whether it be the jazz guitars, the haunting singing bowls, or even the harmonicas or accordions in the end track. The album is also very well produced, and at times, the songs do have a great arrangement to them. However, on other occasions, the songs break linear fashion, in that where there is usually a climax or a build-up, it is very hard to distinguish here. Drums can enter, but they never build to anywhere except to cut off abruptly, as well as atmospheres can continue on for very long periods of time, with very slow and rarely evolving textures occurring throughout. Does it sound like a mixture of Lustmord and Scorn? Yes. Is it a very minimal and industrial album? Indeed, yes. Has Marc Broude successfully created an eccentric mix of avant-garde jazz and dark ambient soundscapes? That will be up to you to decide, but in my opinion, he’s come pretty darn close. In fact, much closer than any other musician has. If you are a fan of Lustmord, Lull, Scorn, dark ambient, avant-garde jazz, or just flat-out strange music in general, this will most likely appeal to you. However, please note that this album is not for everyone, nor is it necessarily for the faint of heart at times as well. Would I recommend it? Most definitely. 8 out of 10 stars.." - Ian Felpel

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