Thursday, October 13, 2011

Introduction of Science of Death - 10.07.2011. demo by ACTUS


In every man of thinking the longing for cognition exists. This ability can become a creating activity only in an intensified and aware state of mind.

Now, man of today has stepped into an age pregnant with dangers; the human mind is overreaching the senses, and, as a negative result of this, illnesses of the human mind around. The inhabitants of our planet are rushing towards collective madness. Today, man lives blinded by the mirages of sensual desires and the encompassing material world, and exists in a state close to madness so that he is prone to find the solutions of everyday problems among substitute actions and the pleasures of stupefaction, but with this only a questionable happiness is achieved. Day by day, science is spurring the progression of technical civilization to ever new achievements, while the devaluation of universal values can be experienced in every field of life.

’In this world there is nothing to improve already, only to destroy and strip everything to the foundations’ – declares the basic philosophy of the ancient tibetian yoga. In our days, in the age of fatal decline only seeking ways in the spirit of universal human tradition can lead us out of the labyrinth of chaos.

Meta ta physica – beyond the physical world – in the research of the realm of esoteric sciences we can rediscover the fundamental relations of our being and the existence of the world. In the depths of our hearts we still keep fragments of the picture of the primeval reality, that is a spark of the primary light. Under the guidance of mysticism. The occult philosophy, we can learn the ability of bringing about an interior contrentationexcluding all the mirages of the outside world. During this exceptional contrentration we can experience again the primary light, which throughout thousand of years guided those who worked on achieving a higher level of existence in their lives.

The time of building has come again. Time has come to recreate the sacred state of life and thereby to establish the cult of primeval existence, the eternal measurement. In the foundry of the spirit, the idea and the body – which were formed from the destruction of a previous idea and body – ripen to become gold. This act = ACTUS is the foundation of a way. This way leads to the empire of strength and order for anyone who bears the desire for cognition.

Budapest, 1989

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