Thursday, October 6, 2011

dmyra - Memory Bubble

About the record; On a Philosophical note

For the past 15 almost 20 years, (as many indie-ish musicians) i've thought it is uncool to make covers, to even *gasp* play other peoples music. I dunno, i'm a bit of a fanatic, once i get an idea in my head. maybe its a good thing i'm not religious.

Well, one day recently i decided it would be a good challenge, a way to stretch my mind... on a practical level, because it is something i have no experience with with, but also mentally to challenge my ideas about whats okay in music, well the music i'm doing anyhow.

To close, i want to say how much i have enjoyed in learning from and studying the nuances of these peoples work. Helping me to see music in new ways i never would have thought of. Also, this they say is the sincerest way of flattering people (mimicry). Though my intentions are not that, but only to study, live, to love, and share music.

Robert Demes II

ps. In this type of case i always quote the scriptures of the sage Bob Dylan "to live outside the law you must be honest".

about artist:
Robert Demes II
i contemplate the sound of sound. Thanks to family, especially Rebeca and Catriona.

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